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About The Department

Today, the world has shrunk into a small place due to the revolution in technology. No doubt, the concept of Globalization makes a sense in every individual’s life. To survive in the era of global competition, it has been imperative for the corporate professionals to be equipped with sound knowledge of emerging techniques and practices followed in the field of Management. The department of Management of IIMT Engineering College is committed to serve the interest of aspirants of management education.

The department of MBA aims at meeting the requirements of students by imparting quality education and developing and sharpening their managerial and interpersonal skills to a large extent. The department is the blend of highly qualified and rich experienced faculty members. The department strictly adheres to its vision and mission which are mentioned below. The combination of departmental vision and mission is indomitable.

Program Educational Objectives
  • To transform the students into global competitive professionals.
  • To impart the managerial, intrapersonal and technical skills in management students to discharge their duties effectively in their working fields.
  • To groom the personality of students by inculcating in them the vibrant and contemporary knowledge of management concepts and techniques pertaining to functional areas of management field.
  • To develop the entrepreneurial skills of students desirous to setup their own enterprises and meeting socio economic objectives.
Program Outcomes
  • The ability to understand, analyse and tackle the contemporary challenges exposed in corporate world by using multidisciplinary approach in order to achieve pre-determined objectives.
  • The enhanced managerial skills to survive and prosper in competitive environment.
  • The improved communication and leadership skills to lead a team endeavouring for expected outcomes in an organization.
Program Specific Outcomes
Marketing Management
  • Skills to analyse the market, customer needs and meeting these needs profitably.
  • Improved skills to search or develop potential market for achieving the goals of organisation.
  • Equipped with marketing management skills to take the competitive advantage in the highly competitive market.
  • Inculcated knowledge of marketing tools to be used in marketing of goods and services in order to contribute to profitability of business organisation.
Financial Management
  • Developed analytical skills in area of accounting and finance.
  • Ability to use financial tools and techniques to reduce the overall cost of production and thereby increasing profitability.
  • Capability to analyse and measure the risk and return of any project undertaken by an organisation.
  • Critical thinking ability while taking capital budgeting decisions.
Human Resource Management
  • Ability to apply various methods of recruitment and selection of right candidates for the right jobs.
  • Potential to apply the training methods to improve the productivity.
  • Ability to resolve the conflicts between management and employees.
  • Magnified skills to deal with the challenges and issues arising while following various human resource practices.
International Business
  • Imbibed knowledge of expanding the business boundaries across the globe.
  • Familiarity with execution of export-import documents and meeting customs’ requirements.
  • Skills to take advantage of various government policies regarding international business.
  • Competency to formulate and implement the strategies as per cross cultural environment in international business.
Information technology
  • Developed technical skills to work in digital world.
  • Ability to design data base management system to facilitate customer relationship management.
  • Familiarity with emerging information technologies such as cloud computing, system analysis and design and apply the knowledge in resolving the issues in functional areas.
  • Competency to develop an enterprise resource planning in order to improve the operational efficiency of an organisation.
Operation Management
  • Expertise in area of quality management.
  • Ability to reach economies of scale by applying various tools and techniques of the operation management.
  • Capability of planning, execution and controlling of resources to be used in operational activities.
  • Familiarity with various aspects of production management and potentiality to address situational problems arising in area of operation management.

Departmental Mission

To inculcate contemporary knowledge in students and imbibe the human and professional values by adopting dynamic teaching pedagogy to increase their potential to plan and carry out the activities efficiently.

Departmental Vision

To transform students into global competitive professionals by developing their personality to accept the enormous challenges emerging in the way of their career and sharpening their managerial skills to achieve the goals made by them.