What We Do?

SOFT SKILL DEVELOPMENT - Soft Skills are the personality traits, behaviours & interpersonal skills that one use while interacting. These represent our ability to work effectively & harmoniously with others.

QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE - Aptitude is a measure of the innate intelligence of an individual. It shows the ability of an individual to Learn, Adapt, Understand & Solve problems. It also indicates the ability to retain, organize & apply information.

MOCK ASSESSMENT - These are basically, simulations of a real assessment They are a great way for the Apprentice to prepare for the final tests.

CAREER GUIDANCE - It's the guidance given to individuals to help them acquire the Knowledge, Information, Skills & Experience necessary to identify Career options & narrow them down to one Career decision. This career decisions results in social, financial & emotional wellbeing throughout.


1st YEAR ( 4 Hours / Week) 2nd YEAR (4 Hours / Week) 3rd YEAR (4 Hours / Week) 4th YEAR (4 Hours / Week)
Communication Skills Development Life Skills Development Professional Skills Development Employbility Skills Development
Learning Skills Motivation Team Building Company Specific Training's
Speaking Skills Attitude Building Group Discussion Mock Group Discussions
Reading Skills Goal Setting Resume Building Mock Interviews
Writing Skills Communication Skills Interview Skills Managerial Round Interviews
Vocabulary Building Presentation Skills Reasoning Aptitude HR Round Interviews
Language Base Strengthening Aptitude Skills Analytical, Logical Verbal, Non Verbal Competitive Examination Pattern